About us


ASB Aerospatiale Batteries

  • Based in Bourges, France
  • Center of competence for all the electro-chemistries for the whole group
  • ~180 Employees
  • Certification ISO 9001 and EN/AS/JISQ 9100

In-house critical processes

  • Powder processing (grinding/mixing)
  • Cold press pellet manufacture
  • Pyrotechnic manufacture
  • Dry Room assembly capability
  • Continuous control (>30% labor)
  • 100% Inspection incl XRay, leak test, elec & mecha performances
  • Functional Test capability under harsh environment (Vib, shocks, thermal, etc)
  • Process automation of sub-assemblies
  • Expertise capabilities
  • Development tools: continuous improvement ETHER, COMSOL

Industrial capabilities

ASB center is able to manufacture up to 60 000 batteries per year, involving all kind of electro-chemistries

ASB is in charge to supply all kind of powders and materials requested in the subsidiaries of the Group for their own production autonomy

ASB center is in charge to spread and share new qualified processes of manufacturing, including the associated machines, in the subsidiaries of the Group

ASB customers

Our customers

ASB customers are present on the 5 continents:

  • Exclusive supplier for all French armaments (Air-Land-Sea applications)
  • ASB and MSB are sharing the European armament market
  • ASB is supplying also USA, Asia, Africa & Middle-East markets, either for the most complex batteries, or for customer compliance (export or ToT, etc)
  • ASB is managing the Group to satisfy all the customers by optimizing the answer in terms of capabilities, sourcing, pricing, and local compliance

Development in civilian aeronautics

Research for civilian applications, under DGAC (civilian aeronautics general directorate) and DGA (armament procurement agency) contracts

The goals are to provide emergency power supplies for helicopters and aircrafts in various fields, e.g. but not limited to:

  • emergency landing
  • relaunching of an engine in flight
  • auto rotating landing device power supply
  • electrical opening of new generation of doors
  • emergency lightening
  • emergency evacuation systems
  • etc...

Our strategy

ASB Group strategy to share technologies

ASB center, as the mother company and the center of competence for the Group, is in charge to search, design & manufacture all the technologies of electro-chemistries

ASB center is in charge to share the electro-chemistries inside the Group, in full compliance with the French export rules

The IPR and know-how of ASB are remaining in France, Bourges, in order to avoid any foreign restriction of sharing technical data within the Group, for the best benefit of all the centers of ASB Group

ASB center is in charge to maintain ITAR & BAFA free technologies, for the benefits of our worldwide customers and the Group subsidiaries