About us

The power of reliability

The group

The ASB-Group develops and manufactures Thermal Batteries, which provide primary power to applications in Aeronautics, Space and Defense markets. ASB-Group has sites in France (ASB), in Scotland (MSB), in the United States of America (ATB Inc.) and since recently in India (APS and VAR).

The Thermal Batteries of ASB-group are renowned for their reliability and their optimization to the most specific demands from the world industrial players in aerospace.

Our values

Heir of a rich history, ASB-Group features a strong internal culture which is declined in its contributions:

  • the customer service and support, from the early phase of feasibility study,
  • custom-made solutions, including the design-to-cost and the system interfacing,
  • the technological excellence,
  • the long-term commitment.

Global Aerospace and defense companies like ours conduct business in an ever-changing regulatory and legal environment; In this respect, we apply our own Code of Ethics and Business (EN link) (FR link) based on the principles of integrity of Airbus Group (EN link) (FR link).

Our export strategy

Either we can address the export market directly from one of ASB Group centers
Or we propose to create a local subsidiary through a ToT:

ASB Group is the single design & manufacturing Group for thermal batteries, to propose a real world wide capacity to actively participate to an offset program: due to its centers & subsidiaries in various countries (France, UK, USA, India), and due to the economic model of growth through new subsidiaries to be created, ASB can actively support any customer opportunity to invest in a local capability to produce thermal batteries.

ASB has the required experience of success in such programs, like in India. ASB is also supported by the French Authorities for the required export licences, in order to put in place the industrial means necessary to produce the ASB standards high level of Quality in the Allies countries.

The conditions to create a local subsidiary are economic, after getting the French export licence:

  • a minimum threshold of turnover shall insure the future of such an investment,
  • the engagement of the local market to produce locally shall be clear through a Joint Venture, which will share the benefits between the engaged actors,
  • the support of the local armament politics shall permit to this local subsidiary to export to the neighbours through a common agreement of ASB for supporting the minimum turnover threshold.


Birth of a group

The ASB-Group was created in 1994 from the merging of the Thermal Battery activities of Aerospatiale and Saft, both active on the domain for several decades. It benefits from its shareholders AIRBUS and Saft, both reputed for their expertise.

With the creation of her subsidiaries in 1996, 2006 and 2016, ASB-Group offers an experience of more than 60 years in a domain combining various complex technologies. In 1998, ASB created its activity of hermetic sealing, ASB Hermetics, proposing specific solutions on the demanding markets.

This heritage is the security of a high product reliability in the electrochemistry sector, in which the experience counts.