About us


Advanced Thermal Batteries Inc. (ATB), a member of the ASB Group, is an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of thermal batteries for mission critical defense and space applications.

ATB, incorporated in the state of Delaware since 2006, is headquartered in Westminster, Maryland.

Due to the nature of our business, ATB strictly complies with the International Traffic of Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

The new Standard for Excellence

Advanced Thermal Batteries, Inc. (ATB) has the highest standards for excellence in the field of Thermal Battery technology. Our objective is to become the preferred supplier for the US based defense organizations by developing a thermal battery center of excellence within our 40,000 square foot Westminster, Maryland facility.

ATB benefits from our parent company, The ASB Group, through the Group’s synergy program, which includes R&D, engineering, and operation best practices and equipment expertise.

ATB’s relentless pursuit of excellence benefits our customers, the Government, and the warfighters with products providing unsurpassed quality, performance, and reliability at an affordable price.



ATB Product excellence

ATB product excellence starts with our employees. Training, experience, and dedication are the keys to the quality of our processes and bring added value to our products and services.

ATB’s quality methodology and inspection redundancy help create product excellence through full traceability, statistical process control, 100% non-destructive final inspection, and actual battery testing.

Our design practices and extensive use of modeling tools result in robust designs and good performance margins.

ATB’s commitment to product excellence is shown through our transparency, on time delivery, 100% requirement compliance, and customer service.

ATB is building the future by investing in advanced manufacturing, inspection, and test equipment to maintain and improve our standard for excellence.



Technologie excellence

ATB is the only US Company offering a full range of Lithium-based and metal disulfide electrochemical options. As a result, ATB can provide the best trade-off between performance and cost because of its wide range of options.

As shown in the table below, the general distinction of thermal battery technologies is related to the type of anode and cathode used in the design. From an electrochemical point of view, lithium is the most valuable element due to its high reducing potential and its high specific coulombic capacity.

The melting point of lithium is lower than the battery’s internal operating temperature. Consequently, ATB uses various lithium alloys, such as LiAl (Lithium Aluminum) or LiSi (Lithium Silicon). We also offer our patented lithium-iron mixture, named LAN (Lithium Anode), an exclusive ASB-Group technology, which results in higher cell voltage, higher power, and improved safety.

None of these technologies profess to be the universal solution. ATB has gained technical and manufacturing expertise with each chemistry and will provide the optimum combination to meet your specific requirements. The extensive use of our predictive thermal battery modeling tools and our technology range is your guarantee for an optimal custom design.

Type Advantage Disadvantage Application

LiAI anodes

Low cost

Energy and power

Low cost battery

LiSi anodes

Highest capacity
(if wide voltage range)


High energy


Highest power &

Cost & mass

High power


Performance range

Wherever power needs to be combined with reliability

Because of their reliability, their steadily improving performance, and their very long shelf life with no maintenance, thermal batteries are the ideal solution for reserve power and energy in all Air, Space, and Defense applications.

Although most thermal battery designs are made to last from a few seconds to only a few minutes, new technologies now enable thermal batteries to provide power for over one hour.

These new technologies are being used on very long duration flight systems that could travel significant distances before completing their mission.

ATB’s packaging capability enables us to provide the customer with a complete plug and play power system solution that can be easily integrated into the final assembly.

Specific interface solutions can be implemented over the full range of battery power, mass, & volume requirements; brackets and flanges are available, as well as standard connectors which can be directly integrated to the battery header. Contact ATB for special system integration needs.



Thermal batteries are becoming an ideal solution for artillery applications (mortar ammunition, artillery shell, power supply for munitions, etc.). Thanks to built-in striker mechanisms, the thermal battery self-activates under launch.



Thermal batteries can be designed with more than one power output, thus giving the design engineer the ability to power several different systems with the same single battery. This innovation allows for the multi-purpose use of the battery, reducing weight and saving space, while enhancing the performance of the vehicle and its mission.



Thermal batteries can be connected in parallel and/or series to constitute full battery systems. Examples of applications are Thrust Vector Control and Divert and Attitude actuators for space applications. The high-power performance combined with the simplicity of use make our thermal batteries the cutting-edge solution for a new actuator generation.



International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a United States regulatory regime to restrict and control the export of defense and military related technologies to safeguard U.S. national security and further U.S. foreign policy objectives.

Thermal batteries are concerned by ITAR US Munition List Category XIII(h)(3).